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HELLO! My name is Jennifer and I live in St Louis with my husband of 9 year, Jason and our furbaby, Bear.  I have lived in St Louis since I was 5 so I  consider this my hometown. I am a former nanny turned blogger.   I have always enjoyed finding a great deal.  So when I found a blog that helped me get product for FREE using coupons I was HOOKED.  The only problem was that all the products I was getting were processed or chemical laiden.  I found myself overweight and dealing with infertility.  I decided I needed to find a way to remove as many toxins from my life as possible. In hopes that this would help me with my weight and my fertility.  My dilemma- how can I do this and still stay on a budget?? Would I have to give up my hobby of couponing?? But I really love the thrill of finding a great deal?? I decided to figure out a way to get healthier products and still coupon.  After scouring the internet I was thrilled to find there were a TON of Organic and Natural product coupons and the best part they were FREE.  And then I found out that Whole Foods allows you to stack coupons increasing your savings.  I had to share this information.  I knew that if people knew how much they could be saving that they would be as thrilled as I was.  So here I am trying to share as much information as possible to help make the search for a healthy bargain that much easier for my fellow healthy bargain shoppers. I hope you find this blog helpful.