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  1. My advice- First call to make sure your store allows stacking. Then- Click on the “Whole Foods Coupon Stacking Cheat Sheet” link above. Print out the coupons you would possibly use if there is a deal. I would clip and group the coupons together. Print out my Whole Foods Coupon Stacking Cheat Sheet. Take both coupons and cheat sheet with you to your store. See if any of the products on the cheat sheet are on sale. Remember if you can buy a case of anything in the store you get an automatic 10% off before you even use coupons. This is how I get the snack bars for such a great price.

    You can also check out my Midwest match-up to give you an idea of products that MIGHT be on sale in your area and how you can save on them.

    Hope this helps

  2. Anonymous

    Hi Jennifer
    I went to WF before I read your post. Luckily my WF allow stacking. I did clip the WFQ and MQ together. I did not have the cheat sheet. It is good to know the 10% discount on case.
    I got a Simply Asia sesame teriyaki marinade seasoning mix @ $.99 before coupons. $.26 overage
    I did Michael Angelo deal @ HEB. It's 2 for $5. Buy One Get One Free Printable Coupon
    and $1.00 Printable Coupon
    Total Price= $1.50/2 or $0.75 each wyb 2
    Thank you for your effort

  3. Vicky- WOW what a great job!! To figure out how many of a specific product you have to buy to equal a case look at the shelf tag. Under the UPC symbol to the right you will see a number by itself can range from 5- 20. Make sure to inform the cashier that you bought a case because they have to key in the discount.

  4. Anonymous

    Thanks for your wonderful job! Would you mind posting deals for Whole Foods East Coast? I live in NJ and lots of people here use Organic food.

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