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I decided to walk around my local St Louis Costco store to get an idea of what healthy products they carry. Below is a list of what I found and the prices.
 Remember many time you will find these products even cheaper when they are on sale and you can stack coupons at Whole Foods.
I figured this list would help to compare.

Organic Braedburn 12ct- 5.5lb  $5.79= $1.05lb 
Organic Springmix 1lb $3.99= $0.25 per oz
Earthbound Farms Organic Spinach 1lb $3.99= $0.25per oz
Earthbound Farms Organic Whole Carrots 10lb $5.99= $0.04 per oz
Earthbound Farms Organic Baby Carrots 5lb $5.49= $0.07 per oz
Organic Apple Slices 8/6oz $7.79= $0.16 per oz
Avocados Hass 5ct $6.99= $1.40 each

PopChips 8oz $7.99 = $1.00 per oz          @ WFM $0.90per oz everyday
Food Should Taste Good Multigrain Tortilla 24oz $6.29= $0.26 per oz
Kettle Brand  Sea Salt Chips 32oz $4.25= $0.13 per oz 
Angie’s Popcorn 18oz $4.79= $0.06 per oz
Mother Farms White Quinoa Tortilla Chips 21.3oz $5.99 = $0.28per oz
Pretzel Crisps 26oz $5.69= $0.22 per oz   @ Target $0.24per oz everyday

Nature Path Flax Plus Pumpkin Granola 35.3oz $6.99= $0.20per oz
Nature Path Flax Seed Fine Milled 40oz $8.99= $0.22 per oz
Kashi Go Lean Crunch Cereal 51oz $8.99= $0.18 per oz

Kashi TLC Bars 25ct $7.99 = $0.32 each
Natures Path bars 20ct $7.69 = $0.38 each
Clif Bars 24ct $17.65= $0.74 each
Pure Protein Bars 18ct $15.55= $0.86 each
Kashi Go Lean 24ct $20.99= $0.87 each
Zone Perfect bars 24ct $16.69= $0.70 each
Corazonas Oatmeal Squares 24ct $4.89= $0.20 each

Milton’s multicrackers 40oz $6.99= $0.17 per oz
Carr’s Crackers 21.25oz $8.89= $0.42 per oz
North brook Ancient Grain Flatbread Crackers 24oz $6.49= $0.27
Kirkland Nature Path Granola w/ Almonds 35oz $6.99= $0.20per oz

Annies Bunnies Snacks  4oz $10.79 = $2.70 per oz
Kashi TLC Cookies 3 boxes $5.99= $2.00 each box
Go Go Squeeze 12-3.2oz $5.99=  $0.50 each

S&W Kidney or Black beans  8- 15.25oz cans $4.99= $0.62 each can
Rotel 8-10oz cans $5.69= $0.71 each can
White Linen Collection All Natural Sauce 40oz $4.29= $0.11per oz
Tasty Bites Chunky Chickpeas 8oz microwave packet-4ct $3.99= $1.00perpouch
Maranatha All Natural Roasted Almond Butter 26oz $5.99
Nutella 26.5oz -2ct $8.79= $0.17 per oz

Organic Earthly Delight Quinoa 4lb $8.99
Seeds of Change Organic Quinoa-n-Brown Rice Microwave pouches $7.99= $1.99each
Lafarmami Basmati Rice 20lb $14.49 = $1.45lb

Pacific Natural Red Pepper and tomato Soup32oz -6ct $10.99= $1.83ea
Pacific Natural Beef Broth 32oz- 6ct $9.99= $1.67ea
Pacific Natural Spicy Black Bean Soup32oz- 6ct $10.79 = $1.80ea

Pure Via (stevia sweetener) 400ct $9.79 = $0.02 each packet
Wholesome Sweeteners Agave 23.5oz – 2ct $7.69 = $0.16 per oz

Hebrew Nationals beef Hot Dogs 12- 4ct $10.99 = $0.23each hot dog
Colemans All Beef Hot Dogs 16oz- 3ct $9.99= $0.21per oz
Empire Kosher Cornish Hen $2.09lb
AmyLu Apple Gouda Sausage 3/16oz pkg $13.99
AmyLu Italian Chicken Meatballs 42oz $12.99
AmyLu Chicken Burger 2/23oz $12.99
Empire Whole Chicken $2.49lb – 2ct (avg $19.00)
Empire Chicken Breast $4.99lb (avg pkg $23.00)
Empire Chicken tender $3.99lb (avg pkg $19)

Organic Nasoya Extra Firm Tofu 3pk- 2lb10oz $12.59= $2.00 per lb
Morningstar Sausage patties 32ct $12.99= $0.45 each
Gardenlites grilled zuchinni soufle 6ct $11.99= $2.00 each

Frozen Raw Shrimp 21/25  2lb $18.89 = $9.45 per lb
Marinated Salmon 2.25lb $15.95 = $7.08 per lb

Organic White Corn 5lb $5.39 = $1.08 per lb
Organic Broccoli 4lb $5.95 = $1.49 per lb
Organic Whole Green Beans 5lb $5.79 = $1.16 per lb
Seapointe Edamame 4/4oz $5.99= $0.37 per lb

Sambazon Acai juice 32oz-2ct $9.99= $0.16 per oz
POM Wonderful 60oz $9.99= $0.17per oz
Odwalla Orange Juice 128oz $6.59 = $0.05 per oz
Naked juice 10oz-10ct $14.59 = $0.15 per oz
Honest Kids 32pouches $9.79= $0.31 each
Kirkland Hansen Juice Box 6.75oz-36ct $8.59=$0.24 each
Kirkland Newmans Own Grape Juice 96oz -2ct $6.89=$0.04 per oz
Martenelli’s Apple Juice 12/10oz $7.99= $0.07 per oz
Langers Mango Nectar 128oz $5.89= $0.05 per oz
Tazo Chai Tea 3/32oz $7.89 = $0.08 per oz
LaCroix Lime 24/12oz can $6.99= $0.58 per can
Pellegrino 12/25.3oz $11.50= $0.96 per bottle
Izze bottles  12/12oz $10.69= $0.89 per bottle

Organic Grade A Brown Cage Free Eggs 1.5 dozen $4.29

Fage Total 0% Greek Yogurt 35.3oz $5.79
Kirkland Organic Whole Milk 64oz-3ct $9.99
Kirkland Organic LowFat Milk 64oz- 3ct $8.99
Mountain High Yoghurt 4lb $3.99 = $0.06 per oz
Lifeway Kefir Smoothie 8oz-12ct $9.99=  $1.25 per oz
???Horizon Heavy Whipping Cream $5.59 SIZE???
??/Horizon Organic Half & Half $2.99 SIZE ???
KerryGold butter 3/8oz $7.39= $0.31 per oz

Presidente Feta Cheese $3.19 per lb (avg pkg $8.00) = $0.20 per oz
Presidente Feta Crumbles 24oz $5.99= $0.25 per oz
Laughing Cow Creamy Swiss 4/16oz $8.39= $0.13 per oz
Finlandia Reduced Fat Cheese Slices variety 32oz $9.49= $0.30 per oz
(swiss, colbyjack, cheddar, and havarti)
Finalndia Cheese Slices 32oz $7.69= $0.24 per oz
(swiss colbyjack, cheddar, and montereyjack)

Silk Pure Almond 64oz-5ct $7.99= $0.02 per oz
Silk Organic Vanilla Soy Milk 64oz-3ct $6.99= $0.04 per oz
Kirkland Organic Soymilk  6/64oz $10.99= $0.03 per oz

Kirkland Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1.5ltr $9.79=  $0.19 per oz
Organicville Dressing 24oz – 2ct $7.79= $0.16 per oz

Organic Grade A Cage Free Eggs 1.5Dozen $4.29 = $2.86 per dozen

Boca Burgers 16ct $10.49= $0.66 each
Alexia Waffle Fries 4lb $6.49= $1.62 per lb
Seapoint Farms Edamame 14oz – 4ct $5.99 = $0.11 per oz
Organic Frozen Green Beans 5lb $5.79= $1.16 per lb
Organic Frozen Broccoli 4lb $5.95= $1.49lb
Organic Frocen WhiteCorn 5lb $5.35= $1.07lb
Marinated Salmon 2.25lb $15.95= $7.09lb
Raw Shrimp21/25 2lb $18.89 = $9.44lb
Michael Angelo Eggplant parmesan 2/2.25oz $10.99= $2.44 per oz

Tribe Hummus 2/16oz $5.89= $0.18 per oz

ECOS Laundry Liquid 105 loads $12.59

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  1. Caroline

    I went to Costco this weekend and found a 10 lb bag of Wholesome Sweeteners fair trade and organic cane sugar for $10.99

  2. Hana

    Wow! You took down all of these notes in just one visit. Very impressive! Yes, it is so much more useful when you know prices. Even online they don't post many of their products. Wish they had my favorite LUNA bars!

    Thanks. I don't go to COSTCO often now, as we switched to BJ's, but we're thinking of joining it again since it has many things we've been getting there that BJ's doesn't have.

  3. Anonymous

    I want to join BJ's, but they don't have it west of the East Coast.

    Costco has some good prices on Rice Dreams and Silk milk too.

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