NEW Whole Deal Sept/Oct

What is the Whole Deals? It is a booklet that contains Whole Foods Store Coupons. You can find “The Whole Deal” in Whole Foods stores.  They usually come out every 2-3 months. 

I recommend that you grab a handful of Whole Deal Booklets when in the store. They are usually good to use for at least a month after they are no longer available. 

If you can’t find “the Whole Deal” booklet don’t worry most of the same coupons are available on Whole Foods Website.

Here are the coupons in the Septempber/October booklet:
$1.00 Back to Nature Cookies AND Crackers
$1.00/2 Blue Diamond Products

$1.00/5 Brown Cow yogurt 6oz cups
$1.00 Candle Cafe Frozen Entree
$1.00/3 Clif Builder or Clif MOJO bars
$1.00 DeBoles Pasta
$1.00 Earth Balance Soymilk 64oz
$1.00 Earth’s Best Frozen Products
$1.00 Ethnic Gourmet Frozen Entree 9oz or larger
$1.00 Clif Zbar 6pk bar
$5.00 Garden of Life Vitamin Code 120ct or 240ct
$5.00 Garden of Life RAW Meal or RAW Protein Powder

$1.00 Imagine Soup, Broth, Stock or Gravy
$1.00 Bear Naked Granola 12oz bag
$2.00 Kyolic, Kyo-Green, Kyo-Dophilus or Moducare product
$1.00 Method item
$1.00 Mi-Del Product
$1.00/2 Muir Glen Products
$1.50/2 Envirokidz Gluten Free Organic Cereal or Bars or Nature’s Path Organic Waffles
$1.00/2 Lifeway Keifr 32oz
$1.00 Organic Valley Cheese 8oz
$1.00/2 Rescue Remedy Gum
$1.00 Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt 16oz or 4pk
$1.00 Organic Valley Stringles
$1.00 Organic Valley Cottage Cheese
$0.55 San-J GlutenFree Asian Cooking Sauce or Salad Dressing
$2.00 Spectrum Essentials Product
$0.75 Stonyfield Organic Yogurt 32oz
$1.00 Stonyfield Orgnaic 4pk (exlcudes Oikos, YoBaby,Yotoddler,and Yokids)
$0.50 thinkThin or thinkThin crunch bars
$1.00 365  Distilled White Vinegar
$1.00 365 Organic Unrefined Cocnut Oil
$1.00 365 Organic Maple Syrup 12oz
$0.50 Nature’s Rancher Cooking or Grilling Sauce
$1.00 365  Organic pasta sauce 25oz
$0.50 365  Pitted Olives
$1.00 365 Grated Parmesan Cheese 8oz
$2.00 Mediterranean Crunch Salad in prepared foods 1lb

Expires 11/30/11

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  1. Thank you for the list. We have a whole foods opening up near me soon and I cannot wait for it! The hint about the website was great too!

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