Lily’s Stevia Chocolate Bar Giveaway and Review

Lily’s Chocolate

Lily’s  is the first dark chocolate bar sweetened with stevia Lily’s is made from 55% fair trade cocoa and has NO maltitol, NO sugar and NO artificial ingredients. There are only 160-170  calories per half-bar serving, Lily’s premium dark chocolate is an ideal treat for  all chocolate lovers, including those watching their weight, as well as for diabetics looking for indulgence without raising their blood sugar. In addition to Lily’s Original flavor, Lily’s signature 55% dark chocolate is blended with organic coconut, organic crispy brown rice and dry roasted almonds to create Lily’s Coconut, Crispy Rice and Almond chocolate bars.

“Lily’s Sweets’ namesake is my niece, Lily, who in the midst of fighting childhood brain cancer, raised money to support services for children less fortunate than she,” explains CEO and founder Chuck Genuardi. In honor of Lily’s bravery, the company donates a percentage of its profits to organizations that support childhood cancer survivors and fighters, such as Camp Cranium

Lily’s Dark Chocolate Bars can be found at a Whole Foods Market near you.   

My Lily’s Dark Chocolate Bar Review:
Lily’s was kind enough to send me all of their flavors of the Stevia sweetened dark chocolate bars ( Dark Chocolate, Almond, Coconut and Crisp Rice) to sample and review.

I am a HUGE fan of Almonds and Chocolate. So of course I started with the Almond bar. I LOVE that there was almond in every bite. Usually you end up with whole almonds in a chocolate bar and you only get a bite of almond in some of the bites. NOT in Lily’s bar– the proof is in the picture below.

I am NOT a fan of artificial sweeteners because to me they taste bitter.  I do like stevia and I love that stevia is all natural. My preference is milk chocolate.  But at first bite I became a FAN of Lily’s Dark Chocolate Almond Bar!  I had planned on just eating a square or two but ummmmmmm ya I ate the entire bar. It was just to delicious!! Lily’s dark chocolate is so smooth and creamy and chocked full of almonds.  No bitter taste what so ever!  Plus it is only

My second favorite was the Lily’s Dark Chocolate Crisp Bar. This too was chocked full with just the right amount of Rice Crispies and they went perfectly with the creamy dark chocolate. 

I am not a fan of coconut so I thought it would be better for a person who is a fan of coconut to taste it.  My brother, who is also a diabetic, was my taste tester for the Lily’s Dark Chocolate Coconut bar. He is a huge fan of coconut.  He tested it out and really liked it.  He too felt the chocolate was creamy and it was filled with just the right amount of coconut.  He was so excited to find a great tasting chocolate bar that was made with stevia.

I used a few squares of the Lily’s Dark Chocolate bar  in my favorite chili recipe- many people kept asking what my secret was and they were shocked to find out it was a few squares of Lily’s Dark Chocolate Bar.  I also melted the rest of the bar and made some chocolate covered dried apricots.  YUM what a wonderful treat!

Lily’s is allowing me to give away all FOUR flavors of Lily’s Dark Chocolate Bars to ONE Healthy Life Deals Reader!  (Dark Chocolate, Almond, Crispy Rice and Coconut)

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  1. Paul Aubert

    EPic, chocolate is sweet, though often to an overt degree, I've been anticipating some stevia-based dark soul stuff for awhile, thanks for bringing it to the awareness.
    P.S.-I got this through your newsletter and have to send a big thanks, s you keep me up to date with regards to the obscure healthy coup[ons for greens and coconut goods and all the good stuff. Keep up the good work
    Peace, Paul

  2. Christine

    Lily’s chocolate is the very best chocolate I have ever eaten. Ever. And I DON’T care for chocolate at all–esp dark chocolate.
    I tried it on a whim at a taste tester booth at Whole Foods and I have been truly hooked ever since.
    I have even gone as far to buy several friends of mine the coconut bars…EVERYONE LOVES this product that I share with!!
    Thank you for this forum to review and promoting an amazing product!

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