Whole Foods Market Mountain Coupon Match-Up 6/206/26

(CO, KS, NM, UT)

* Contact your local store and make sure they allow stacking
* Sale items/prices might vary store to store- These are Prices from Kansas Stores
* If you buy anything in the store by the case(check the shelf tag above the upc is a tiny number that is how many equal a case for that item) you get 10% off before coupons
* $0.10 for each reusable grocery bag (you can donate it or take it off total)
* Call your
local store to see if they allow stacking since each store creates their own coupon policy.
*New to Couponing at Whole Foods. Check out my
Whole Foods Saving 101

1-Grab a handfull of Whole Deal Coupon Books everytime you go into Whole Foods to set aside to use once they are no longer available in stores.
2- If you get a case tell the cashier because they manually put in the discount.
3- Grab a handful of the weekly ads since they also have coupons attached

  • Organic Canteloupe $2.99ea.
  • Red or Yellow bell Peppers $1.25ea.
  • Organic Red Seedless Grapes $2.49lb
  • Organic Mini Melon $3.99ea.
  • Organic Blackberries 6oz $3.99
  • Teriyaki Salmon Burger $7.99lb
  • Wild Jumbo White Shrimp $13.99lb
  • Wild Alaskan Cod $9.99lb
  • Wild Sockeye Salmon $16.99lb
  •  Pork Brats $4.99lb 
  • Blue Cheese Burger $4.99lb
  • Top Round London Broil $6.99lb 
  • Split Chicken Breast 43.99lb

Organic Blueberries pint $3.99 (if Earthbound Farms)
 $0.75 Earthbound Farm Organic Blueberries Coupon  
Total Price= $3.24
Rudi’s Hot Dog Hamburger Buns $3.50
$0.75 Rudi’s organic Coupon
Total Price= $2.75

Earth Best Waffles $3.00
$1.00 Earth Best Coupon in Vitamin Angel Booklet 
Total Price= $2.00

Applegate Farms Ham $8.99lb
$1.00 Applegate Farms Coupon
Total Price= $7.99

Organic pumpkin seeds $3.99lb
Pecan Halves $10.99lb

Jarlesbergs  Slices 8oz $3.50 Buy 2
Buy One Get One Free Sale
Total Price= $1.75 each wyb 2

Siggi’s Yogurt 5oz $1.66
8″ Chocolate Eruption Cake $22.99
Seeduction Bread $3.00
Kettle Chips 13oz $3.50
Naked Coconut Water 1ltr $3.50
Annie’s Organic Salad Dressing 8oz $3.00
Popcorn Indiana $3.00
Orgain Ready to Drink Shakes 11oz $2.00
Back to Natures trail mix $5.99
Buffalo Chicken Wrap $5.99
California Quinoa salad $6.99lb
Tomato Pesto Tortellini $7.99lb

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