How to Use Pineapple Skin and Pineapple Core- Waste Not, Want Not

I couldn’t bare to let these pineapple skin and core go to waste.
So I took to facebook.
I posed the question of
“What to do with Pineapple Skins and Pineapple Core?”
HLD Facebook readers offered these
great recipes ideas

I was surprised to find out that there is actually a use for pineapple skins.
My favorite idea was Pineapple Vinegar.
You will find that several Mexican recipes use Pineapple Vinegar.
If you do a search for Pineapple Vinegar you will find several versions
I chose to do this


1-Pineapple Skin(preferrably Organic)
2 1/2 -3  cups Distilled Water
1/4 cup Organic Brown Sugar
Clean Quart Size Jar

Cut the Skin off of the pineapple.
Cut it up into pieces small enough to fit into the jar.
Add Brown Sugar
Fill jar with distilled water ( leave room at top)

-Make sure none of the pieces stick up above the water because they will mold
– Add water slowly making sure to  get sugar to dissolve

I decided to make one jar of pineapple vinegar with the pineapple core
and one jar with just the pineapple skin.
I want to see which one taste better.

Also does the amount of pineapple matter??
I used the skin that did not fit into the jar to add to the pineapple core jar.
I tore up my hubby’s old t-shirt and covered the top of the jar with a rubberband.
We place the jars in a styrafoam cooler and put it in the garage
Because they said to store it in a warm dark place.
Some people say 3 week some say as much as 8 weeks??
I guess we shall see.
I think it probably depends on how warm of a place it is stored in.

I will report back with my results

Have you ever made pineapple vinegar??

Other Pineapple Skin and Pineapple Core Recipe Ideas:
Freeze Core and use in smoothies
Use Pineapple Skin instead of Cedar Planks
Juice Pineapple Skin
Use Pineapple Skin to give yourself a pedicure

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  1. nisha

    Thanks nice idea. So how long did you let it ferment and which 1 was the best. Also how do you store it afterwards? Do you remove the peel from the jar 1ce done? Did you refrigerate at any time

  2. Hello Nisa- It took 8 weeks for mine to come together. It depends on the temperature – the warmer it is the less time it will take. You want a warm dark place that the jar can get some good air movement- the warm air is what helps it come together. The jar with just the peels did the best. It grew a really great mother on top that looks really gross- I pulled the mother gently out of that jar and moved it over to the peel/core jar to help that finish up. You strain it out and then you can store it in a jar in your cabinet. Toss the peels/core. You don’t ever want to refrigerate it.

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