Avalon Bath Gel 12oz $0.50

Avalon Bath Gel

Avalon Bath Gel

Theresa from Money Saving Main-eac sent me a deal I had to share!!
She found this deal in her East Coast Whole Foods
BUT check your store you may be able to
get the same deal at your Whole Foods Store!

Avalon Bath Gel 12 oz. $4.50

use this
$4.00 Avalon Whole Foods Store Coupon 
You Get it for $0.50!!

Thanks Money Saving Main-eac!

2 thoughts on “Avalon Bath Gel 12oz $0.50

  1. new to coupons. if i wanted to buy 4 could I print out four coupons, one for each item. Or would i have to buy each one separately? also, just a little note of thanks for having organic coupons. since my illness was diagnosed the doctor put me on a strict diet of organics, gluten free and etc. this helps me out a lot. :)

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