Daiya Coupon – Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free

daiya cheese


Calling all Vegans and families dealing with foods allergies.
Have you ever tried Daiya??
Daiya is supposed to be a great cheese replacement.
Known for melting and stretching like regular cheese without the
three most common allergens dairy, soy and gluten.
Haven’t tried it yet but are intrigued?
It’s on sale and I found a coupon!!

Share the coupon with facebook friends and get

$1.00 Daiya Coupon

or choose not to share and get
$0.50 Daiya Coupon


Whole Foods Market has

Daiya Cream Cheese $3.69 (ends 7/16)
$0.50 Daiya Coupon (Facebook- Share the Daiya)
Total Price= $3.19

Daiya Cream Cheese $3.69 (ends 7/16)
$1.00 Daiya Coupon (Facebook- Share the Daiya- if you share)
Total Price= $2.69

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  1. Cat Johnson

    This IS the best vegan cheese. It can be found at some Kroger stores, and at Whole Foods. I like it straight (there are shreds (shredded) and ‘blocks” like above. However it’s not really a block..it’s more like a solid ‘spread”. Delicious! Thank you for the info!

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