Health Seekers on a Budget 
You are HOME!!!

You are busy with very little time one your hands.
You don’t have time to run from store to store to find the best deals.
BUT you want the healthiest products for you and your family.
AND you have to stick to your budget!

Well look no further you have found the perfect place!
I will do all the work and you will do all the saving!

 Meet Mrs. Legwork, A.K.A Jennifer

HELLO! My name is Jennifer and I live in St Louis with my husband of 12 years, Jason.  I have lived in St Louis since I was 5 so I  consider this my hometown. I am a former nanny turned blogger.   I have always enjoyed finding a great deal.  So when I found a blog that helped me get product for FREE using coupons I was HOOKED.  The only problem was that all the products I was getting were processed or chemical filled.  I found myself overweight and dealing with infertility.  I decided I needed to find a way to remove as many toxins from my life as possible. In hopes that this would help me with my weight and my fertility.  My dilemma- how can I do this and still stay on a budget?? Would I have to give up my hobby of couponing?? But I really love the thrill of finding a great deal?? I decided to figure out a way to get healthier products and still coupon.  After scouring the internet I was thrilled to find there were a TON of Organic and Natural product coupons and the best part they were FREE.  And then I realized that my Whole Foods Store allows you to stack coupons increasing your savings.  I had to share this information.  I knew that if people knew how much they could save that they would be as thrilled as I was.  So here I am trying to share as much information as possible to help make the search for a healthy bargain easier for my fellow healthy bargain shoppers. I hope you find this blog helpful.




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