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What Region is my Whole Foods Store in?

by Jennifer - on Mar 25th 2013 - No Comments
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Trying to figure out which Whole Foods Store Coupon Match-up your store falls under?? Here is a list that shows how Whole Foods Store Regions are broken down. This will help you figure out which match-up your local Whole Foods Market would be under. Whole Foods Market Match-Up Regions East Connecticut (Central Connecticut) Maine Massachusetts Rhode...

How to Coupon at Whole Foods Market – Couponing at Whole Foods 101

by Jennifer - on Dec 29th 2012 - No Comments
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New to Couponing at Whole foods?? Here are some tips that I hope you will find helpful. Whole Foods Market Store Coupon Policy: There is NO National Whole Foods Market Coupon Policy. Each Whole Foods Market Store creates their own Store Coupon Policy. Ask your local Whole Foods Store Manager for details on what your Whole Foods Store...